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    PawSeat® Maxi Safety Seat + Calming Pet Bed

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    PawSeat® Maxi Safety Seat + Calming Pet Bed

    Hear From Our Pet Parents

    Sharing their experiences with PawSeat®

    We have a very active and energetic puppy who is a bit anxious in the car, and this car bed has been the perfect solution to stressful trips to the vet. The first day it was delivered, I brought it in the house for our puppy to get used to, and it promptly became her favourite bed in the house (and she has several)! We jokingly refer to it as her throne, and it is so easy to install that it’s no problem shifting it between the house and the car.

    Charlie the Pug (12-months old & 20-pounds) was such a nervous car rider and could never seem to get comfortable even when he was held. This bed was a game changer for his travel time (which is 5-hours every summer weekend). He climbs right in and is sleeping before we ever get out of town. Incredible!

    When I got my package, I undid the box and put the car seat on the floor so my dog could sniff it. He instantly fell asleep, so I put it in his crate. The next day I thought I let him outside and I was calling him and he wasn’t coming to me (it was 5am- I was still sleepy). In a panic I went to grab one of his toys to squeak at the door, he was passed out in his car seat in the room next to my kitchen. He loves this more than his bed. It’s very safe too, keeps him locked in!

    Honestly I’m surprised how well these beds worked out. My dogs usually pace and jump around in the car, but with these beds they just sunk into them and slept. And I had the beds set up for a few days in my apartment so they could get used to sleeping in them before they were in the car. Even my cat loved the bed!

    We bought this seat for an extended trip for our Frenchie to sit in the back seat. She has always hated doing so but this seat (and a little ignoring her) really has changed our car trips for us. The first day of our trip she was still not convinced, but she now gets into it quite happily and eventually snuggles up. We have found that bringing it inside and letting her sleep in it also makes it more familiar and comfortable when she is in the car.

    My dog’s name is Gismo. He is a one-eyed 13 year old, 16 pound male Shih Tzu. I wanted to provide Gismo with the most comfortable bed at home and the safest seat on the road. This one's definitely high quality. We have been using it for two weeks and we love it! We take it everywhere that pets are allowed, including Lowe’s, picnics, friends’ homes, etc. It is very easy to get in out of the car and to transport. It is comfortable and sturdy with very thick padding that surrounds Gismo with protection and comfort.


    Here's a list of FAQ to best answer the questions we most often get

    Please be advised that PawSeat® Maxi is designed for small-to-medium pets, weighing up to 33 lbs (15 kg).

    Even though puppies love riding on the PawSeat®, its use is definitely not limited to dogs! You can take your cat, rabbit, guinea pig or other small pet on a road trip as well.

    Please note that for a safe trip, your pet needs to wear a harness that is then hooked to the built-in security leash.

    Safety is our top priority so we've designed PawSeat® accordingly. The strong and durable elastic straps tightly secure around the car seat while the built-in security leash keeps the pet in place.

    The large pillows on both sides provide cushion for the pet in case the roads are rough.

    The front pillow provides additional safety in case the air bag goes off by blocking it. However, it's always advised to turn off the air bag when driving with a pet in the front seat.

    PawSeat® Maxi universally fits all regular car seats, both front and back. If for any reason it does not fit, you can easily return it back to us!

    It sure can! PawSeat® is easy to take apart and all parts are machine-washable so you can feel confident about your pet riding in it.

    If they're both up to 10 lbs, you can use one PawSeat Maxi for both, as long as they don't mind sharing. However, it's generally safest (and most comfortable) for pets to have their own seat.


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