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    Hear From Our Pet Parents Themselves

    Nougat refused to calm down in any travel in our truck (I'm talking even a 5min trip). She'd be a panicked nervous wreck. I'm relieved to say that's changed! We traveled for 12 hours on a family vacation, were dreading the trip... Until... We saw our Nougat sleep in her seat like an angel!!! This changed everything for our little pooper and us.

    Viggo (our Chihuahua) gets car sick. He would drool as soon as he was in the car. We put him in the Paw Seat and not only did he not drool, but he seemed to enjoy being able to see out of the car. The folding pillow allowed him to rest his head and the clip for his harness makes him secure if the car suddenly stops. He is calm and happy in his new seat!

    I have tried a few dog seats for my Yorkie but she would always cry until I took her out. This one she loves! She stays in it for the entire trip. We have gone 6 hours each way and my baby had no issues. It fits perfect in my 13' Lincoln MKX and fits her perfectly, too. I have recommended it to so many people with small dogs!

    The straps on the bottom are wide and sturdy and the walls are thick, well padded. I unpacked it, showed it to my cat (it's for her) and she hopped right in and took a nap – the cat approves. The material is soft and the pillow comes out if you have a bigger animal. It's great there's a leash inside that I can clip to my cat's harness.

    I took my Papillon on his first car ride with this and he loved it! He was scared of the car at first, but once we started moving he laid down & calmed down. On the way back, I put some treats in there for him to eat, I love that I can do that. I also love that it saves me seats in my car. It's outstanding quality and I can’t believe how comfortable the pillow is!

    My Yorkie Joey loves his seat! He can see where we are going while still being close and secure. I clip his harness so I don’t have to worry about him falling out. It’s nicely padded and the pillow is so comfy for him to rest his head on. I like that it also has handles, so I can take the entire seat out if we go shopping and the side pocket fits my phone perfectly.

    Set it Up in 30 Seconds

    PawSeat® universally fits car armrests (central panels) with ease thanks to triple elastic strap system.

    Just wrap the straps around the armrest & clip the built-in leash to pet's harness – done!

    Built-in Elastic Seat Belt

    Spacious Side Pockets

    Adjustable Front Pillow

    Can Be Used As a Carrier

    3 Heavy-Duty Velcro Straps

    Headrest Stability Strap

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Please be advised that PawSeat® is designed for small pets:

    Weight: Up to 13 lb (6 kg)
    Length: Up to 15 in (38 cm)

    Make sure your buddy is within these!

    Here's how spacious the PawSeat® is (inner measurements):
    Length: 16.5 in (37 cm)
    : 6.5 in (14 cm)
    : 7 in (18 cm)


    If you have a larger pet (up to 33 lb / 15 kg), take a look at PawSeat Maxi.

    PawSeat® universally fits car armrests using 3x heavy-duty elastic straps that wrap around the armrest.

    It can also be balanced using the headrest strap in case the armrest isn't there or isn't ideally suitable.

    Great question! PawSeat® also works great with the armrest on the back seat so you can have two of them in the car at a time. This way you can provide a safe, cozy & comfy travel experience to two of your furry buddies at once!

    It most likely will! PawSeat® does work with all kinds of center consoles, including those that have two doors opening to the sides.

    There should be a tiny gap around the thickness of a dollar coin under each door for the velcro straps to go through and your PawSeat® will be securely fastened.

    Sure thing – we have you covered!

    We include velcro strap extenders with each PawSeat® so that it works great even with the biggest armrests.

    PawSeat® is best suited for cars with standard armrests, and that's what where recommend to use the PawSeat®.

    With that said, it is possible to use it on different types of cars as well.

    In case where the armrest isn't there or it's not suitable, you can install the PawSeat® by pulling the seatbelts through the PawSeat's velcro straps to keep it in place and also engage the over-headrest strap for improved stability.


    Yes it is – unlike riding with your pet on the lap or otherwise unrestrained.

    Not only is that very dangerous, but it is also illegal to have the pet unrestrained when travelling in the car.

    PawSeat® helps you securely restrain the pet with the built-in adjustable safety leash. The PawSeat® itself is firmly attached to the car with triple velcro straps + an over-headrest stability strap.

    Always pay attention to the specific legal requirements of your country/state/city.

    We have designed PawSeat® prioritising safety.

    With triple heavy-duty elastic velcro straps as well as a stabilising headrest strap keeping it in place, PawSeat® is stably secured.

    All while the built-in bungee seat belt (security leash) prevents jumping and keeps the pet in place.

    Please note that for optimal safety, we recommend to always use a harness instead of a collar and clip it to the built-in security leash.

    We find that covering the seat with a cozy blanket or toy that your little buddy is comfortable with can help them feel more confident!

    As the PawSeat® is secured to the armrest that is in the center of the car, the location protects it from the airbag hazard.

    The front airbags are designed to protect the driver and the passenger therefore they do not reach the center and there aren't any airbags in the center of the car itself.

    PawSeat® is secured to the central console (armrest) with three heavy-duty elastic velcro straps. For improved stability or as an additional installation method, PawSeat® also features an over-headrest strap.

    There's also a built-in elastic pet seat belt clips to the pet's harness to keep them in place and prevent jumping around the car.

    check_circleOther Questions

    Even though dogs love riding in the PawSeat®, its use is definitely not limited to dogs!

    You can take your cat, rabbit, guinea pig or any other small pet on a road trip as well.

    Please note that for a safe trip, your pet needs to wear a harness that is hooked to PawSeat's built-in security leash.

    It's a very easy clean! PawSeat® is easy to take apart (literally takes less than a minute) and the fabric is fully machine-washable.


    Didn't find your answer? We're here to help!

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